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Export and import company located in Montreal, Quebec. Importing and exporting freight forwarder for companies in Canada. Export packers in Ottawa & Toronto in Ontario for exports to Australia, Germany, France, the UK & the UAE. How to do imports of all types of goods to Canada.

Europack The International Movers Inc.

Expert logistics and services for importers and exporters overseas and in Canada

Europack offers clients a wide variety of expert international import and export services in order to suit the needs of companies worldwide. Our team of logistics professionals can handle all your international exporting and importing needs. Our expert network of freight forwarder associates throughout the world allows us to give excellent services such as export packers at your origin and and array of several other services at your destination. Our knowledge of procedures for exports imports and in Canada and overseas will make your moving experience an easy one, and our export and import professionals can streamline your exporting and importing operation.

Handling exports and imports in Canada with the best worldwide freight forwarder agents

Europack is a leader in Canada in handling exports and imports in Canada. With a dedicated network of expert worldwide freight forwarder agents, our company can rapidly ship anywhere in world. We can handle freight to all parts of the globe. Our professional exporting and importing staff is available to assist companies on questions regarding air freight, ocean freight, and all aspects of international freight. The export and import division of our company has logistics professionals who are trained in air freight as well as the latest technology in the field. We also have export packers and offer customs tracking of your shipment.

Company located in Montreal, offering importing and exporting to Canada

Canada export and import freight forwarder services

Large volume exporters and importers need to be sure that their shipments are compliant so they can arrive in a timely fashion. Export and import companies make international trading hassle free for their clients. The job of an export and import company job is to streamline the international trading process. Our licensed, professional export and import service team will make sure that your goods arrive through Canada customs properly, and we will determine what freight forwarder services you need. We are in constant contact with our network of freight forwarder agents in order to ship your merchandise. We have a wide range of import ant export services, including export packers, and you can be confident that our expert export and import services will help you complete the shipping of your exports and imports with rapidity.

 Import and export company offering services to commercial clients in Canada

Imports of goods suitable for any cargo volume

Companies who wish to import or export goods will benefit from our experience of freight forwarder agents. We have been helping shippers move their goods by land, sea and air for a long time. Our export and import services team knows all about the regulations and paperwork required, and our expert export and import professionals receive continuous training about the business of exporting and importing.

Europack offers clients a range of export and import services as part of an international and overseas move, such as:

Europack suggests a consolidation service for a basic international move (1 m3, about 8 boxes), which is the most economical mode of transportation. During a full international move with one vehicle or more (more than 12 m3 or 425 ft3), a single container is required. The size of it (20 or 40ft) will depend on the exact volume of the load.

Our import service can consist of simply moving from one terminal to another or from door to door, including the packing and unpacking of your goods. Therefore, the international and overseas move is done the easiest way possible, as our specialists in transport logistics plan each step.

Exporting and importing services and freight, container and cargo shipping

Europack is a leader in exporting and importing in Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, Ontario and any other major city in Canada. Contact us if you are shipping containers, freight a car or any type of cargo to and from any of these countries, or if you are in need expert services from our export packers:

Importing services and export packers for companies in Canada

Our packers can help you for your move to or from the following cities across Canada:

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